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Alternate Website Access

First, write the above number down... right now.

Second, the People's Rights website is now accessible using several different domain names, including...


... and potentially many, many more.  Why?  Recent experience has shown those that oppose individual liberty have chosen to attack domain names of those that expose them for what they truly are: Liars, Thieves and Tyrants.  Because of this, the People's Rights Network is continually working to be more resilient and resistant to such attacks, making it even more difficult to shut us down and shut us up.  Go ahead, try one of the links above.  Your login is still the same.

Third, if at any time in the future you cannot reach the People's Rights website using one of the domain names mentioned above, type the "IP Address" ( into your browser's address bar (where?).  This will tell your device to skip the domain name entirely and take you directly to the web server without using the domain.

Believe it or not, powerful and evil forces are continually trying to shut up and shut down the People's Rights Network and those that believe individual rights are not negotiable and must be defended.

Alternate Website Access...
First, write this number down... right now.

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