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Maintaining Rights

Your Rights are Maintained by Claiming, Using and Defending Them

To hold onto your rights you must...

Claim Your Rights

Making sure others understand what rights belongs to you is an essential step in preserving them.  From time to time people may forget or become confused about (or even may just plain ignore) which rights justly belong to you, and which belong to them.  The subject of focus may be a property line between you and your neighbor, or more important, may be your children at a school.  It may even be your own body.  When people seem confused about rights, or try to claim rights that may not be their own, it is imperative that you inform them of which rights belongs to you and not them.  Remember: Rights don't overlap.  What is one person's right cannot belong to another.

Claiming your rights is the first step in preserving them.  

Use Your Rights

As the old saying goes, "Use it or lose it."  This adage is not just a fun play on words, it is the primary condition for preserving your rights.  If you allow someone else to restrict the use of a right then you will lose it.  For example, attending church services.  If you stop going to church because you are told to by government edict, then you have just lost the right to worship there.  You must never stop using and exercising a right or it will be lost and very difficult to regain and use again.  The longer someone takes the use of your right, the harder it is to get back. The longer someone else uses your right without your consent, the stronger their claim upon it becomes.  

Continually using and benefiting from your rights is essential to preserving them.

Defend Your Rights

How you choose to defend your rights is a personal decision.  However, if you are not more willing to defend your rights than those who are interested in taking them, then you will most certainly lose them.  Rights may be partially defended in the courts, they may also be partially defended at the ballot box, but, the reality is, both are a double-edged sword.  The court system and the ballot box can just as easily be the method others use to take away your rights.  Rights are defended upon the grounds they were established.  They are defended first by clearly (and loudly, when necessary) showing claim of them.  Second, by defending the use of them -- not allowing them to be restricted from your use.  Defending is much more effective when you have others assisting and standing with you - there is strength in numbers.  This last point is the primary reason we exist as an organization.

Uniting people to assist each other in defending rights is the purpose of People's Rights.

Not sure what your rights are?

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