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Be Prepared

"If Ye Are Prepared Ye Shall Not Fear"

Being prepared may consists of many things. It could be having a 72 hour kit for each member in the family or it could be knowing who your neighbors are that would help defend your life. Maybe owning or possessing a weapon that would drive off criminals and protect your children. Possibly even be food storage or training on how to grow food. What about having a emergency first aid kit? Overall, being prepared is simply looking at the real possibilities for a need and then planning ahead for it.  

You may think that purchasing and storing things for future need is a waste of time, money and makes it hard to keep your home organized... well, maybe so.  Get over it!

A man once had a dream. He had two small children, one a little girl and the other an even younger little boy. He dreamt that they were hungry and asking him for food. "Daddy I'm hungry" were their cries to him, but he had no food to give them. When he woke up his heart was deeply pained and sorrowed. He knew that this dream could very well be realty. He had not prepared for any type of disaster, emergency or worse. Because of how this dream moved him he did a little research and purchased months worth of food storage by the end of that week. Still to this day he remembers the cries of his little children for food and vows that that dream will never come true. 

Being prepared may be a bit of a hassle, it may put a crimp in your style. However, it also may be the difference between life or death. It may be the factor that determines suffering or reasonable comfort. You won't know until you need something and then you either have it or don't. 

Also, don't rule out a good neighbor as being prepared. Two neighbors prepared and willing to help each other can be both enjoyable and very beneficial in time of need. 

Get Prepared


There are many ways to unite with your neighbors. Getting connected through People's Rights is just one of them. However, the most important part is to GET UNITED WITH EACH OTHER.  Become a good neighbors, show your love and be willing to defend each other. 




People's Rights has provided a list of items you should have to be prepared and vetted retailers that you can purchase them from.



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