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WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on Monday won the right to appeal his extradition to the United States.

Assange's lawyers argued before the British High Court that the U.S. government provided "blatantly inadequate" assurances that Assange would have the same free speech protections as an American citizen if extradited from Britain.Read More

Info YESTERDAY https://www.peoplesrights.ws/news?/wikileaks-founder-julian-assange-on-monday-won-the-right-to-appeal-his-extradition-to-the-united-states/90ec0655-dfd9-451b-a07e-24e4764751d9 https://pplsrghts.net/90ec0655-dfd9-451b-a07e-24e4764751d9 Share (Alt)

Migrant Parasite Freeloading TikToker Squatter Gets Deported In Spite of His Crocodile Tears

Mistake #1 hebdefraudedRead More

Info YESTERDAY https://www.peoplesrights.ws/news?/migrant-parasite-freeloading-tiktoker-squatter-gets-deported-in-spite-of-his-crocodile-tears/3224613b-500e-4c03-bd6f-683509631829 https://pplsrghts.net/3224613b-500e-4c03-bd6f-683509631829 Share (Alt)

Nicotine Is Highly Anti-inflammatory, Effective Against Snake Venom in C*\/id jab, Cognitive Decline, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's ADHD et, al.

Nicotine is actually contained in egg plant, green tomatoes, cauliflower, potatoes, peppers & teas. Tobacco products & cigarette papers are laced with toxic chemicals to create addiction to increase tobacco sales. HOW MANY OTHER LIES HAVE WE - THE LAB RATS - BEEN TOLD THAT WE ARE GOING TO DISCOVER ? WHY should we believe ANYTHNG they sell to us is safe to consume or put on our bodies?Read More

Info YESTERDAY https://www.peoplesrights.ws/news?/nicotine-is-highly-anti-inflammatory-effective-against-snake-venom-in-c-id-jab-cognitive-decline-alzheimer-s-parkinson-s-adhd-et-al/351e6bbd-6ebb-4d84-b22f-ef46d75c61be https://pplsrghts.net/351e6bbd-6ebb-4d84-b22f-ef46d75c61be Share (Alt)

Death rates at Pittsburgh-area hospitals rising

A report by the Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council said the hospital mortality rate for 11 conditions, ranging from heart failure and stroke to sepsis and pneumonia, increased from 2017 to 2022, the most recent year data is available.Read More

Info YESTERDAY https://www.peoplesrights.ws/news?/death-rates-at-pittsburgh-area-hospitals-rising/9df88b3e-bd23-4868-9a82-4981eb2f32ae https://pplsrghts.net/9df88b3e-bd23-4868-9a82-4981eb2f32ae Share (Alt)

It’s NOW LAW: 130 Countries Signed on to Change Entire Food Supply. Meat prices to sky rocket.

💥 Diets and Food Habits Will NOW Change for BILLIONS of People 💥 Are you ready to trade your Delmonico for a bean burger? Look at all the restaurants CLOSING or filing bankruptcy!Read More

Info May 24, 2024 https://www.peoplesrights.ws/news?/it-s-now-law-130-countries-signed-on-to-change-entire-food-supply-meat-prices-to-sky-rocket/911fda6a-cb73-4446-bdf2-b65a3347f640 https://pplsrghts.net/911fda6a-cb73-4446-bdf2-b65a3347f640 Share (Alt)

Proof MAUI fire was another government cabal mass murder by the elite. Who's next?

co·in·ci·dence /kōˈinsədns/ noun 1. a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection. "they met by coincidence" Read More

Info May 24, 2024 https://www.peoplesrights.ws/news?/proof-maui-fire-was-another-government-cabal-mass-murder-by-the-elite-who-s-next/a16dc0e3-fa39-4e40-ab11-3a2ea1dbab8e https://pplsrghts.net/a16dc0e3-fa39-4e40-ab11-3a2ea1dbab8e Share (Alt)

Vote, Call to Action, Upcoming Events

couple hours to left to vote, Call to Action, and Summer Events Read More

Info May 21, 2024 https://www.peoplesrights.ws/news?/vote-call-to-action-upcoming-events/b6f11afa-bdd3-41aa-8404-20a8d219cf67 https://pplsrghts.net/b6f11afa-bdd3-41aa-8404-20a8d219cf67 Share (Alt)

The next meeting for People's Rights Area 12 Douglas County will be on Saturday, June 1st at 10 a.m.

There will be NO meeting in May due to the Memorial holiday weekendRead More

Event May 21, 2024 https://www.peoplesrights.ws/news?/the-next-meeting-for-people-s-rights-area-12-douglas-county-will-be-on-saturday-june-1st-at-10-a-m/91cd4530-dac8-4f36-a9b8-e94a60a14c17 https://pplsrghts.net/91cd4530-dac8-4f36-a9b8-e94a60a14c17 Share (Alt)

Thursday May 16th Candidates to Speak and Q&A

Diane Linthicum, Dennis Linthicum and Jason Beebe 5:30 Waffle HutRead More

Event May 9, 2024 https://www.peoplesrights.ws/news?/thursday-may-16th-candidates-to-speak-and-q-a/1405355e-aefd-4301-87bd-59efe3203392 https://pplsrghts.net/1405355e-aefd-4301-87bd-59efe3203392 Share (Alt)

Benton/Franklin county area meeting

Area Meeting 4-25-2024Read More

Event Apr 23, 2024 https://www.peoplesrights.ws/news?/benton-franklin-county-area-meeting/f4607223-522d-43fd-a685-9be676c3be9f https://pplsrghts.net/f4607223-522d-43fd-a685-9be676c3be9f Share (Alt)
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