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This could happen to YOU.

Don't be alone when it does. Join People's Rights.

This Could Happen to YOU [YouTube, 4m 3s]

(Note: Functional Medicine of Idaho was the medical facility referred to as the "hospital" that called CPS 20 minutes after the canceled appointment.)

Don't ever let this happen to you. Join People's Rights.

Don't believe this would ever happen to you?

Government officials all over the United States are becoming more and more forceful on people who never thought it would happen to them, just everyday families. Crimes in neighborhoods all over the United States are at an all-time high with only political responses from the law.

So... who will you call when state officials are seeking to take your children away because THEY believe differently than YOU?

Saving Baby Cyrus [YouTube, 25m 26s]

Don't stand alone. Join Us.

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Government Subsidized Child Trafficking

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