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Ammon is being held by Gem County unreasonably!

He is still kidnapped by Gem County. We need you and everyone else out here asap!

SOS Ammon STILL IN Gem County custody. 

THEY need you down here, to let them know, We are Watching, we know the enforcement agencies are *not* following the rules, codes and statutes that they point guns as US to follow! What da!? 

Get down here ASAP. 

Too far away? Call and ask for proof of life, and for them to follow laws, NOT UNLAWFUL ORDERS! 

Gem County SHERIFF 415 E MAIN ST, EMMETT. ph 208-365-3521

They just said that he has been given the opportunity to make a phone call and that he will see a magistrate judge on Monday if he doesn't bond out. They said they can't give us any further information because we aren't immediate family. Supposedly only officer Geer and Lieutenant Light(sp?) Are the only 2 officers there. 

They made a poor older gentleman wait 15 minutes in the hot sun before they allowed him in for a visitation with an inmate. And then they only let him in because we called and reminded them he was there...so much for caring for the public.

The purpose of the protest is to make the offenders aware of their own wickedness and let them know that WE know.  They are following unlawful orders, just as the brown shirts in Germany did.  “Just following orders” or “Just doing our jobs” is not acceptable to us or to God.  Putting pressure on them makes them the uncomfortable ones!  Maybe one or two will wake up to the truth. Also, our standing for truth and righteous is required by our loving Heavenly Father. Ammon will feel our presence and our love.

I have heard that Gem County Sheriff Donny Wunder is feeling the pressure from the dark side...I don’t know what “they” have been threatening him with, but maybe if we were to call him on his direct line 208 477 2026 or on his cell 208 830 4332 we could ask him what is hanging over his head, that would cause him to do the devil’s bidding. What is he hiding that he can’t afford to let his constituents know about? 

Get the facts here


And here


As well as Ammon Bundy’s YouTube channel.


In support of Ammon and his family. Lets show solidarity as a group as we demonstrate compassion for ‘our neighbor’. 🥰

Just as important is to let our elected officials know we are paying attention, their deeds are being recorded (literally) for posterity, we know our rights, and we know their duties…… we demand they act accordingly.

As you know situations like these are always ‘organic’ and ‘fluid’. We don’t have a clear plan and we don’t have all the answers. However, we know from experience that God will direct it all behind the scenes. We need to be in constant contact with the LORD Himself and He will give each of us our own personal role for this situation. If each of us are obedient to our calling, then it will all work out.

That being said, it is possible we will be there all weekend. It is possible Ammon maybe transferred to Ada County before Monday. We may have to change protest location at some point. Be flexible and understanding of changing situations.

Gem County Sheriff Department 👮🏼‍♂️
415 E Main Street, Emmett.
(City Hall faces the road, the sheriff is around back)
(208) 365-3521

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