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CPS Social worker harassment of a family

Details surrounding a CPS worker harassing a family. Be prepared for a "Call to Action" if she comes back.

Case Jun 6, 2022 Sep 9, 2022
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I have been a long time activist for the cause of liberty and Christianity in Franklin County Washington

On June 3, 2022 at 1422 hours (2:22pm) Janet Watkins rang our Ring doorbell.  I answered the door and asked what she was there for.  She at first refused to answer my questions until my wife also arrived.

She then stated she responded to a complaint made about us taping our kids' mouths, and that they couldn't breathe.  I told her we have not done that.  She then told us she interviewed our children without our permission while they were at school.  She asked me (Stephen) if I did not put tape over my kids' mouths so that they had a hard time breathing (in a way to try to make me slip up) and I answered no (I meant that I hadn't done that, but because of the way she worded it, me saying "no" meant that I actually did do that. I have dyslexia and sometimes my brain flips things and so sometimes I say the exact opposite of what I really mean.

My wife, who was behind our front door, then told her that she did not have our permission to be on our property, so she was trespassing and she needed to leave.  She said she was not trespassing and that she had every right to enter our home without permission and do whatever she wanted. We told her that she did not, and told her multiple times to get off of our property. I told my wife to call the police, to have them remove her from our property. Janet basically said to go ahead, acting like the police would 100% have her back. Janet then called the police herself. My wife then told me to go get our 2 kids out of elementary school (the 2 that she had just interviewed). She stated she can just go get a court order to be able to come in.  Never stated per the law that the kids had to be in imminent danger for a court order.

My wife went to go get her phone, and I left to get 2 of our kids. My wife went outside to record Janet with her phone. Janet had already left our property and was parking her black Subaru in front of our neighbor's house right across the street from us. That's when my wife started recording. When I got home with 2 of our kids, the police were just arriving. My wife texted a lawyer friend of ours, and she came over within minutes.

Janet Watkins did not get out of her vehicle again once she parked, and left shortly after our attorney friend started talking to the police (even though she said that she had a paper for us to sign).

I will not be sending our kids back to school for the rest of this school year in the state of Washington, if ever (due to the threat this very aggressive woman has shown to our family).  She also lied about what our children told her during the interview. I feel there was some retaliatory circumstances due to me being a liberty activist whose name is listed on the front page of lawsuit against the Biden admin and DOE and my volunteer work with The Silent Majority Foundation and church and the Pasco school district is threaten by us because we have called them out over the violations of Federal law concerning the education and treatment of our son with special needs.

Janet Watkins also has a history of lying and compromising the safety and security of children.  She has been investigated and admitted to guilt in numerous fraud and ethics violations.  These violations from while an employee with the STATE OF? Washington range from disclosing sensitive personal information about children to outside unsecure computers (and at least one email address) and wasting time browsing the internet while reporting on her timecard as working for the State.  She also disclosed names of parents and children for use in her secondary job as a teacher, of which she charged the state of Washington for work while "working" her CPS job.  As the complaint shows, she initially lied about doing these things, but then signed and agreed to her guilt when shown the evidence.


This woman IS an admitted liar. She admitted her guilt of committing fraud, and admitted endangering children for personal gain by not securing their personal information.  The sad part is this woman has been permitted to keep her job "protecting" children.

Below are images we got of her and her business card and car.

Office (509) 585-3000

Cel (509) 578-8657

email: [email protected]

Washington License Plate: BLV9250

Car: Black Subaru Wagon bvdcv

- Stephen Persons, 541-974-2840

17e1b528-de3d-4e42-8643-ffa4ff0f7330.jpg (2 MB)51cd9779-c982-4262-8145-9dcc3d4878f0.jpg (944 KB)bc4d62b1-5b1a-40ef-b76a-651986d4b971.jpg (1 MB)e886b183-4215-494f-9766-b773326a32f6.jpg (786 KB)


Sep 9, 2022 Sep 9, 2022
https://www.peoplesrights.ws/news?/cps-social-worker-harassment-of-a-family/01d185d0-5974-49b2-a2a0-f465d8799dde/748078f2-32c0-4291-8877-a43aeb0e9d8d https://pplsrghts.net/01d185d0-5974-49b2-a2a0-f465d8799dde/748078f2-32c0-4291-8877-a43aeb0e9d8d Permalink (Alt)

This issue has been resolved. 

The parents received a letter from CPS stating the accusations were "unfounded" and the case is closed.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

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