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Why “high density housing” must be stopped.

Info Mar 30, 2022
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Written by: Brutus

Dear citizens of the great State of Montana

As we all know the cost of housing has risen to epic proportions. Even the cost of rent in a small town has risen drastically. The Average rent in Bozeman is around $2000-$3000 a month. The average Montanan is being robbed of the opportunity to obtain a nice piece of Land and a house to which he could raise a family and secure his own personal independence for him, his family . The culprits are parasitic real estate investors, speculators and financial firms. The Federal Reserve is who is behind their funding. Without the federal reserve committing financial repression the urban locusts would not have the ability to sell their overpriced property in New York City and in turn take their equity and buy property in Montana. Places like New York/California are seeing population declines which means that the federal reserve is the primary driver behind this massive real estate bubble as places that decline in population obviously should see declining property prices and eventually will when the next 2008 crises happens.

With that being said let me address the calamity of dense housing units being built all over Montana towns and cities in the name of “affordable housing”. Ask yourself this question. How many cities in America do you think are conservative? You’re probably having a hard time thinking of one. Now let me ask you another question. Do you think the massive apartment buildings and dense housing units in urban areas like Denver or New York lowered the cost of rent in those places? Absolutely not.

As I see every once beautiful farm field in Bozeman get turned into a heap of cheap apartment complexes and every road around Bozeman as a result get cluttered with miles of traffic mostly comprised of subaru outbacks filled with patagonia wearing skiers, hikers and your typical liberal crowd you see that has plagued every nice previously conservative mountain town in Colorado. I have to think to myself. Did the dense housing developments actually work to fix rent and housing prices or did the dense housing developments just create more elasticity of immigration of urbanites into Bozeman? The price of rent has still gone up. The price of real estate has still gone up and there is still a worker shortage. 

The false promise of affordable housing seems to have only left us with clogged roads, even higher housing prices, increased crime rates, over trafficked trailheads riddled with bags of dog excrement and a imported culture that is hostile to Montana Conservative values and Property Rights.

If you look at the most conservative places in America it is no coincidence that those places are rural and spread out. And to the contrary liberal cesspools are dense in population where people live on top of each other. For example, Just look at a dog that lives on a ranch compared to one that lives at one of the apartment complexes in Bozeman. The dog on the ranch has more freedom. It can roam and run around as it pleases. The dog in the apartment complex stays cooped up, leashed and limited. The same applies to people.

High density living breeds a culture of liberalism that is why the globalist advocate for it in the UN Agenda 21 plan as well as the world economic forum and all the other elitist central planners. They advocate for high density housing and the depopulation of rural areas. It’s all about control.

I say this with grave urgency. If you care about preserving your culture, Liberty and way of life you must oppose all attempts to build density housing in your towns and cities. As well as find ways to preserve farm lands from being subdivided and sold off. If we be tricked into allowing this development continue the powers that be will succeed in subverting the people of the great State of Montana.

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