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Zoom class on Victimless Crimes

Many of you have told us you came to People's Rights because you have been the recipient of harassment due to victimless "crimes." Selling balloons or other activities that ought not to be classified as a crime"

Zoom class this Tuesday 28th will start at 9pm  859 1554 2482 pw is PR. 

We will start first with Patrick Hansen on the topic of Victimless Crimes.  Patrick has had to to defend himself so many times which has made him really good in Common law topics.  He will teach and leave it open for all to discuss. 

Following Patrick will be joined by Roxie Ooten and Angel Harrison talking on things we can do to have our homes prepared for taking care of ourselves should we not be permitted to enter hospitals due to not getting the jab. 

We are joining Arizona for this zoom.

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