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Letter to Erik Stidham (St. Lukes Lead Attorney) from Ammon Bundy

If I do not have the right to publish and speak about what the evidence shows happened to baby Cyrus, then what right do I have to speak at all?

Mr. Erik Stidham,


If I do not have a right, protected by the first amendment, to speak about what your clients did and show the evidence to back it up, then what right do I have to speak at all?  


Natasha Erickson threatened to call CPS on Cyrus’ parents when they came to her for medical help, she then wrote in her doctor's notes that “Patients family is connected to Ammon Bundy who is running for governor” (a). Rachel Thomas, speaking of baby Cyrus said, “We’re just going to break some protocol and take the ambulance through a different entrance because it is a medically stable patient” (b)The ambulance record read, “This is a healthy baby with no interventions"…”no acute life threats noted” (c). St. Luke’s medical records show that Cyrus was going to be transferred immediately to foster parents from the hospital (d) (d1). A nurse report admits that baby Cyrus was laying in his vomit for some time and pictures prove that while in the care of St. Luke’s doctors and nurses Cyrus’ face was burned from laying too long in his own “emesis” (e)(f)


Evidence shows that Marissa (Cyrus’ mother) informed Detective Hansen that Cyrus only took breastmilk and that Cyrus needed to be with her to nourish him (g). Detective took him away anyway, arresting Marissa for obstruction of justice (h). She was booked into Ada County jail. 


Dr. Rachel Thomas fed Cyrus formula and gloated about it as if she fixed Cyrus all with one bottle. Later, St. Luke’s employees put an IV in Cyrus (possibly multiple) and then a nasal feeding tube down his throat, all in hopes that baby Cyrus would keep down the supplements that the hospital employees were giving him (j). All of their efforts to feed him failed while his mother was outside the hospital crying and begging to get in to nurse and care for him. 


All of this evidence and much more is in the criminal discovery from when I was trespassed. I received that discovery legally as the accused and have published it legally, well within my rights protected by the first amendment. 


Your efforts in using the courts to stop the publication of the videos and documents are a grasp to silence the truth and chill free speech (m). So, back to my original question; If I do not have the right to publish and speak about what the evidence shows happened to baby Cyrus, then what right do I have to speak at all?


Also, I wonder if Judge Norton would be so helpful to your side if she knew how you are misrepresenting things to her. Things like how you lied about me quoting the Bible. You took single words from my article, searched them in the Bible, made your own interpretations of threats and then insinuated that I quoted those verses from the Bible (n). Very dirty work, very dishonest. I am, however, glad that you spent some time reading the Bible, you should do it daily with real intent. it will change your life (o)


If your clients are intimidated by the exposure of what they did, I cannot help that. I have never said anything that I absolutely did not believe to be true. I have never presented evidence that does not speak for itself (examples above). You and the St. Luke’s executive have made this entire matter much worse and much more public than it ever would have been if St. Luke’s would have just corrected the internal issue they had and moved on with taking care of people properly. 


How many babies are not getting care because taxpayer funds and donations are going into you and your partner's pockets? How many children with cleft palates are suffering because St. Luke’s directed those funds to your office rather than to pay for surgeries. This nonsense needs to end. It is a waste of everyone’s time and only you and your partners financially win here. 


As you are very well aware of, I have offered everything I own for your clients to stop this lawsuit and leave me, my family, and friends in peace (q) (q1). St. Luke’s CEO, Chris Roth, is obviously aware of this offer but must want more than I have to give him. The offer is still on the table! I will give you everything I own as an offering for peace. What more can I give you? No sanction or judgment can take more than I own and I cannot give you what I don’t own. Make no mistake, you nor your clients deserve anything I own, but I do not believe I will get any form of justice in the Ada County courts and I desire peace. I have extended the olive branch to you by allowing St. Luke’s executives to take all that I have and therefore financially ruin me. I am not afraid to rebuild and know I will be blessed for being a peacemaker. Please accept my offer and let’s move on in peace. This offer will not remain indefinitely


My initial concern from the beginning of this matter was with CPS workers authorizing the taking children from loving and caring parents using police powers with little resistance or checks and balances. My main concern had very little to do with St. Luke's hospital or employees. This lawsuit brought the actions of St. Luke’s employees to the public's eyes more than any other action. St. Luke’s doctors started this entire thing and now St. Luke’s executives and council are keeping it going. Don’t blame me for defending myself in the court of public opinion when your clients started the battle. Do I not have a right to speak about what I know and believe to be the truth? To defend my position, too; especially when it comes to a family and a baby that I love and cherish (t)




Ammon Bundy

May, 15, 2023 

letter-to-erik-stidham.pdf (69 KB)

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