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Weaponization of the Federal Government. Censorship Hearing

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. testified before the House Judiciary Committee’s hearing on the Weaponization of the Federal Government. CHD is leading the charge against government censorship — in the public arena and in the courts.

Watch: Lawyers Denounce ‘Muzzling’ of Kennedy at Government Censorship Hearing, Hail Advances in Censorship Lawsuits 


If a government can censor its critics, that's a license for every atrocity. It is the beginning of totalitarianism." Robert F. Kennedy Jr., oral testimony to the House Weaponization of the Federal Government hearing, July 20, 2023 

We can probably figure out how the cabal is going to try to stop Trump - try to put hm in prison to get him out of the way.  They're obviously using censorship to try to stop Kennedy but they've also tried to put him through the political vaxzine spin machine but it hasn't worked so far.

One obstacle with going after Trump, DeSantis or Kennedy - none of them need speech notes or teleprompter.  They're all sharp as a tack, Kennedy is as honest as the day is long & both he, DeSantis & Trump answer the People's questions from memory but also have the documentation to back it up - not like the cabal who only parrot, "That's not true" but have ZERO documentation or memory of conversations to back ir up..  The more the cabal tries to dig graves for the candidates, the worse things get for the cabal. I just pray like I'm certain so many of you do also - that nothing lhappens to Bobby, Jr. like what happened to his dad & his uncle.   I also pray that our republic can, after such a long time, have an honest election.

Kathryn Vickerman

State Assistant

Missouri 8


“The greatest perpetrator of misinformation during the pandemic has been the U.S. govternment” – Dr. Marty Makary House Select Subcommittee meeting

Nov 3, 2023 Dec 11, 2023
https://www.peoplesrights.ws/news?/weaponization-of-the-federal-government-censorship-hearing/4726d86c-b991-43c0-892d-b05784432259/9994fd2c-0460-4dc8-9945-397f5ea41740 https://pplsrghts.net/4726d86c-b991-43c0-892d-b05784432259/9994fd2c-0460-4dc8-9945-397f5ea41740 Permalink (Alt)

The reason the Right to Free Speech is the FIRST amendment.  It’s because all the other amendments wouldn’t exist without it.  There are a number of countries that have a Constitution like ours but what sets the U.S. apart is the 1st & 2nd amendments and the US, Mexico, and Guatemala are the only nations where the citizens are allowed to own a firearm.

America is famous for the right to "free speech" and our 1st Amendment which guarantees us that right (amongst several other rights), is well known in literally all the world.
It is remarkable because the 1st Amendment literally states, "Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech." That's it. It was stated without restrictions and without any disclaimers.
The obvious need for free speech is to protect someone's right to say things that other people find offensive. You don't have to protect speech when everybody wants to hear it. You only have to protect speech that people don't want to hear or that they don't want other people to hear.  

Read further:  https://www.freedomman.ws/2023/how-censorship-nullifies-the-1st-amendment/


Chris Sky Kicked Out of Reawaken America Tour Over Tweet Critical of Israel

Nov 3, 2023 Nov 3, 2023
https://www.peoplesrights.ws/news?/weaponization-of-the-federal-government-censorship-hearing/4726d86c-b991-43c0-892d-b05784432259/8ef13271-b999-4cb0-b5bd-82aa4cae326f https://pplsrghts.net/4726d86c-b991-43c0-892d-b05784432259/8ef13271-b999-4cb0-b5bd-82aa4cae326f Permalink (Alt)

Listen at least to 17:49 time stamp.  The guy, like Stew says, is “spot on” on everything he has to say.   REMEMBER – “THEY” only go after those “THEY” fear.  



Canadian freedom activist Chris Sky joins the Health Ranger IN STUDIO for energetic interview

Nov 3, 2023 Nov 3, 2023
https://www.peoplesrights.ws/news?/weaponization-of-the-federal-government-censorship-hearing/4726d86c-b991-43c0-892d-b05784432259/8313f788-eac1-41af-8341-58c14affb835 https://pplsrghts.net/4726d86c-b991-43c0-892d-b05784432259/8313f788-eac1-41af-8341-58c14affb835 Permalink (Alt)

(For those unfamiliar with Chris, his appearance is odd but the man has ‘got it together’ & he has helped so many worldwide.  Freedom lovers can learn a lot from him about freedom, how to fight for it & protect it.  He has even made the trip to the U.S. to try to help J6 victims facing 30 years in prison for frivolous charges while their political "leaders" routinely commit unspeakable crimes.   The “juice is definitely worth the squeeze” in the time spent just listening to this video.)



Josh Hawley Brings The Receipts To Show Biden Engaged In 'Un-American' Censorship Of US Citizens

Sep 16, 2023 Sep 16, 2023
https://www.peoplesrights.ws/news?/weaponization-of-the-federal-government-censorship-hearing/4726d86c-b991-43c0-892d-b05784432259/dbca741f-4b6c-4b53-97e2-a834bf2919cb https://pplsrghts.net/4726d86c-b991-43c0-892d-b05784432259/dbca741f-4b6c-4b53-97e2-a834bf2919cb Permalink (Alt)

Sep 12, 2023                

 At today's Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) railed against the Biden Administration for working with social media companies to censor posts it didn't like.


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