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Ammon Bundy Arrested!!

Our founder, Ammon Bundy, and a handful of other patriots were arrested outside of a courthouse in Idaho for refusing to wear a mask and not being allowed into his own trial.

“Today marked a dark day in Idaho Jurisprudence. Judge Manweiler forcibly blocked defendants Ammon Bundy and Aaron Schmidt from receiving their due process rights in the Ada County Courthouse because they exercised their 4th amendment rights to be secure in their persons by not wearing a mask in the courtroom. With the aid of the police, they were blocked from entering the courtroom for their trial and charged with Failure to Appear. The judge violated their 6th amendment right to a speedy trial and their 8th amendment right to be required to pay excessive fines. This, because they refuse to be part of the American Covid sharia law that requires face coverings.

The United States is great because we have respected and protected the God-given rights of our citizens. It appears that Judge Manweiler and the court officers have conspired to abridge those rights. This cannot continue. Since Mr. Bundy and Mr. Schmidt cannot get a fair trial in Ada County, Judge Manweiler should recuse himself and move the trial to a court in Idaho that will provide justice and respect the defendants’ rights. They deserve no less.”

Video Outside Ada County Courthouse

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