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Recent Letter to Erik Stidham, Lead St. Lukes Attorney and Responses!

So what do I do? Do I flee Idaho with nothing? Do I grind through the legal process? Do I unite my neighbors, friends and family to physically defend against this terrible assault on liberty and the right to keep the fruits of my labor?


What you are doing to my family is a terrible tragedy to us. You seek to make us homeless. You seek to strip every possession I have from me, causing my family to be destitute. It is hard to imagine such a desire. All the words I spoke about what CPS agents, Meridian Police and St. Luke’s staff did were true and correct. That baby should have never been taken from his parents. He was in good care with his parents and they were working through the new challenge of introducing solid food to his diet. It is a shame and a major infringement of parental rights that he was ripped from his parents arms. That family came to St. Luke’s for help and instead were threatened intimidated and ultimately had their child taken. 

You, as with St. Luke’s executive (your clients), have made a huge issue of criticism. Instead of moving on, through law-fair, you abused the courts in an attempt to completely financially destroy my family. I spoke freely and honestly about what happened to Cyrus and his family, I helped assemble people peacefully and we grieved the government for redress. We receive that redress, Cyrus was returned and the case against the family was dropped. Then you and your client sued me for exercising constitutional protected action (speech, assemble and grievance). Your client, St. Luke’s CEO, Chris Wroth, lied to the public, saying the lawsuit was just to make a point and the money would be given to charity (52 million?). 

By misusing the courts you are seeking to make my family homeless and destitute, I have six children, young children’s. How am I supposed to deal with this attack? I have very little to pay for a defense in the courts, St. Luke’s has millions. That’s hardly a fair fight. So what do I do? It is so wrong what you and your clients are doing, how do I defend against it? Do I flee Idaho with nothing, leaving all I have for you to take and then start over somewhere else? Do I grind through the legal process with no funds to really fight back, allowing you and St Luke’s to look justified in your terrible assault on the rights of parents and freedom of speech, just to have everything taken from me anyway?  Do I unite my neighbors, friends and family to physically defend against this terrible assault on liberty and the right to keep the fruits of my labor? 

It is hard for me to know what God wants me to do right now, therefore, I have not yet decide if I will be attending the hearing today. 

Ammon Bundy

Erik Stidham responded to letter and this Ammon's response back to him.  You be the judge. 

Mr. Bundy,  

Please respond to my questions about today’s hearing.   

First, do you have legal counsel for the fraudulent conveyance lawsuit?  If so, please direct her to contact me.

Second, are you appearing at the hearing today?  You must have decided by now.  If you are, we will be calling you to the stand to testify under oath.  If you are not appearing, please consider filing a non-opposition to the injunction.  If you are not opposing the injunction, you can state so unequivocally in an email, and I will file that with the Court.  If you would just be candid and clear, you could make things less costly for everyone. 

Third, given that you chose to place your wife in the middle of the transactions regarding the Harvest Lane property, your gambit made Mrs. Bundy a witness to the fraudulent conveyance.  If she appears today, we will also be calling her to the stand.  I wanted to give you and her the courtesy of making you both aware that you will be called to testify under oath. 

Fourth, if you or your attorney want to discuss stipulating to the preliminary injunction or any other matters that might make the hearing more efficient, please send me an email so we can discuss.  Given the hearing is at 1pm today, there is limited time to discuss these matters.  

Finally, as for your statements in your email below, you have engaged in this tactic many times before.  We all know how this tactic goes.  The first step is that you send Mr. Roth or me a letter or email like the one below that contains false, self-serving statements.  Then you have your self-serving email or letter posted on the PRN website and on some sham news site like the Idaho Dispatch as part of your ongoing disinformation campaign.  If you do have your email posted on the PRN site, the Idaho Dispatch or somewhere else, you should at least be honest enough to post this response from me and, more importantly, the attached Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law.  You followers really should read the Court’s findings.

As you know, the statements in your email below are false and have been demonstrated as false.  Numerous witnesses testified under oath.  12 jurors listened to evidence for days and made a ruling.  And, as evidenced in the attached Findings, the Court listened to all the evidence and reached her own conclusions.  The facts establish that you caused incredible pain and emotional distress to people who did nothing but care for a starving infant who was at risk of death.  You caused huge financial impacts.  You attacked social workers and a Judge who were working to both make the infant safe and reunite the infant with his parents.  You made false statements to get publicity and profit knowing that your false statements would cause emotional distress, economic loss, and would put hundreds of innocent patients at risk.  Any honest person who heard the sworn testimony of the witnesses and reviewed the evidence at trial would find offensive your false claims of martyrdom and pleas for sympathy for the family that you brought into this through your actions.  When you made and when you continue to make false statements, you certainly show no regard for the families of Mr. Roth, Dr. Erickson, NP Jungman, Dr. Thomas, Officer Sean Wilson, Kyle Bringhurst. Judge Fortier, or any of the others you harassed and targeted for harassment from your followers.

I have no interest in any more exchanges like this.  Please stop sending emails or letters that are just part of your disinformation campaign.  Please stop with the false statements that are in violation of the attached protective order.  And please start respecting the rule of law as we worth through collection of the judgment. 

If you wish to communicate regarding the lawsuit in order to make things more efficient, I would certainly welcome that.


Erik Stidham

Partner, Holland & Hart LLP

[email protected] | T: (208) 383-3934   

Boil it all down and this is just a political attack to destroy someone for criticizing rich, powerful people. You held a 2 week trial and paid a lot of money to bring in many many “expert” witnesses to demonize me to the jury (most came from out of Idaho). Very little was even mentioned about what I actually said in reference to baby Cyrus. The trial was just a ideological assault on Diego and I. Judge Baskin should have kept the trial to the facts, but she did not and I am not surprised. You and your client's attack on me is not about “defaming” St. Luke’s, far from it. This is a political attack and it is a tragedy to my family and to every Idahoan who may need to criticize a powerful institution in the future for infringing upon their rights. 

You are a coward that hides behind money and a corrupted system. You deceive the people in what is really going on. You are destroying a person and his family because you don’t like his views and do not want others to hear them.  They may actually apply logic and see that people like you and your clients are a terrible danger to liberty, as history proves it.

I said nothing that was not true and have no problem challenging you to an open public debate on the facts about baby Cyrus. I just refuse to do so in a corrupted system of force (courts) that is manipulated by your clients money and your deceptions and has contempt against me for not complying to their design in destroying freedom. 

Let me know if you want to publicly debate outside the courts on the facts! I believe it will expose more of the truth on the baby Cyrus matter and what you are doing to me and my family. 

Ammon Bundy 

P.S. I’m posting your response along with mine.

Mr. Bundy, 

 Once again, are you appearing at today’s hearing?  Do you want to stipulate to the injunction to save time and costs?

 As for your email of this morning, as I guessed, you are up to your same disinformation tactics to manipulate your followers.  As I said before, I do not have any interest in participating in the disinformation and political theater used to grift your followers.  

If you really want to mitigate the economic consequences of your wrongful action, you should retain counsel. 

I do hope you posted the Findings of Fact on the PRN website. 

Please stop violating the permanent injunction.

Please only contact me if you want to discuss the legal proceedings.  Those are the only discussions needed.


Erik Stidham

Partner, Holland & Hart LLP

[email protected] | T: (208) 383-3934   |

I don’t believe truth is relative so let me point out a couple of blatant misrepresentations of the truth you just stated in this email thread. Let’s just stick to actual facts (that is things that actually happened). 

You stated (writing about me). “You attacked social workers and judges who were working to make the infant safe and reunite the infant with his parents.”  Setting aside the ridiculous comment about “attacking social workers and judges” (don't you think I would have been arrested for that if that was true), So, let’s factually look at your statement about social workers and judges working to “reunite the infant with his parents”. This is simply incorrect. The hospital and ambulance records show that the social workers arranged to meet with a foster parent at the hospital so Cyrus could be given to them. This was to quickly transfer Cyrus to a new home, away from his parents. Also, after the shameful first hearing with Judge Forteir, she ordered Cyrus to remain in state custody and then scheduled the next hearing a month down the road. There was no plan to “reunite” Cyrus to his parents, ever!  I hope you can see the factual incorrectness of your statements.. I could explain more about the facts on this topic but I believe that this is sufficient.

Another factually incorrect statement that you made is the one about Cyrus being a"starving infant". You are aware of the facts, right? Cyrus was having difficulty in processing solid foods, yes. His parents were working through this challenge with doctors. Meanwhile, Cyrus was getting nutrition from breast milk. Cyrus had just had a vomiting spell when they took him into St. Luke's. Even you must know that your statement that he was a "starving child" is a misrepresentation of the truth (BTW, that is a nice way of saying you lied). The medical definition of starving or starvation is:  "The result of a severe or total lack of nutrients needed for the maintenance of life". Baby Cyrus was not a "starving baby" not by any medical measure and he was receiving nutrition from his mother until he was taken away from her, putting the infant in danger. You continue to spew factual incorrect statements (lies) to the public, demonizine a very very good mother. 

I could go on in much detail with specific evidence but don't believe you will consider any of it. Truth in your mind seems to be what you can convince a judge or a jury of. A conniving lawyer with enough money and assistance can convince a judge or a jury of almost anything. 

Ammon Bundy 

Watch videos of evidence and determine who is lying for yourself:

St. Lukes doctors don't line up with the each other or the facts : https://youtu.be/egggLhByTb0?feature=shared

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The Baby Cyrus Story in 25 Minutes: https://youtu.be/q84r7l8hqvA?feature=shared

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Much More Evidence Here: 

Much More Evidence: https://freedomman.ws/cyrus/

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