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Plans have BEGUN – You WILL LOSE your HOME – Get READY!

Get ready for some shocking news about mortgage rates! In this video, I'll take you through the latest data that shows mortgage rates racing towards 8%.

They're making it more difficult, if not impossible, to own your home but insurers are getting on the and wagon, too.  But that's not all, folks! Stick around till the end because I have something absolutely mind-blowing to share with you. 


Kathryn Vickerman

State Assistant

Missouri 8


Catherine Austin Fitts - Globalists Plan to Seize Assets Through Invisible Weapons Systems

Nov 3, 2023 Nov 3, 2023
https://www.peoplesrights.ws/news?/plans-have-begun-you-will-lose-your-home-get-ready/cde2a504-ffa4-4e48-8a3d-cd0e4f8dab96/ebf30376-1986-40b5-9c85-06f1ee8e72b2 https://pplsrghts.net/cde2a504-ffa4-4e48-8a3d-cd0e4f8dab96/ebf30376-1986-40b5-9c85-06f1ee8e72b2 Permalink (Alt)

Catherine Austin-Fitts joins Maria Zeee to expose the globalist tactics to seize your land and assets through invisible weapons systems as we recently saw through Maui, detailing the tactics they will use as they move towards their ultimate goal of the New World Order.


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