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Are there any patriots left this Veterans Day?

Would you stand like the founding Fathers, or Ghandi, you have an opportunity this week. Great joke at the end about a very serious subject.

Is There Any Patriot Courage Left This Veterans Day?

“All experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, persuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism” - the Declaration of Independence

     Many who read this article would say that People’s Rights messed with the bull and got the horns.

In these last few years, we have seen that he who has the most influence gets to write, interpret, and execute the law by force in Idaho. Most who know the truth, whether by their own witness or by following the allegations against Ammon Bundy, have been astounded by the depth of lies told by the prosecutions lawyers and purchased media, shocked by the feigned outrage from paid court crisis actors, and have seen how far money can push a frivolous lawsuit. These heinous legal proceedings were done to justify the taking of a healthy child by child protective services (CPS) and giving him to know it all do gooders that neglected him and deprived him of nourishment. An establishment who knew the child was healthy and knew, along with law enforcement, that the child was a favored young one to Ammon Bundy.   


     Since Covid-19, we the people have come together many times to protest these usurpers. Our constitutionally protected actions are intolerable to this ruling class and self appointed aristocracy, who seek to limit our freedom so that they may continue their collusion and control of government under their corporate socialist and communist doctrine. Bureaucrats violated their own open meeting laws to pass unlawful edicts. When the people protested these illegal meetings as they took place in the home of the “officials", the people were imprisoned for 6 months. At the peoples trial, they were denied their rights and prohibited from saying such phrases as “first amendment” or “protest” by order of the judge as set into place by the lawless king's esquires (lawyers). Bureaucracy and complexity of writing motions, rules of evidence, and procedure of the king’s court with random interpretations of law make defense with or without an attorney impossible. In the struggle to assert our constitutional rights, we the people have experienced and witnessed physical assault and battery by those sworn to protect and serve us, then seen how these abusers, serving the establishment, turn the charges to accuse their victims of the crime they committed. The court system is a twisted incomprehensible crap show specifically stacked against the common citizen by lawyers. Ada county prosecutors are well versed in Stalin's secret police motto: “give me the man, and I will give you the crime”. 

     St. Luke’s has been part of the Idaho ruling class for years. Their board members usually sit on the board for Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry (IACI), the most powerful lobbying group in Idaho. Brad Little was once the president and their member companies list is secret. IACI is assumed to be the true government of Idaho. They are not Republican, they are not politicians with public accountability, but they have built an unholy alliance between themselves and the government to increase their wealth and influence. When the government controls the means of production and the means of production controls the government, that is socialism. This is what we are up against. Ammon has been the one to point this out in so many videos and through his personal incidents in protest of the tyranny. https://youtube.com/@RealAmmonBundy?si=lyuqMrjnK8XvE5jw  

     Any cartel which carries a $600 million annual income, largely from government programs, would do anything to protect that income stream and the power that goes with it. People’s Rights legally and peacefully protested government action by CPS. St. Luke’s was their paid agent in government action and as government contracted agents, they are subject to the same first amendment restrictions as the government. Having taken government funding to do CPS’ bidding means that St. Luke’s CAN be openly criticized and protested against whenever and wherever the people choose on public property. Their feelings being “hurt” by truthful accounts cannot be slander or defamation. These establishment biased lawyers and judges have manipulated the law and justice and have gone to great lengths to defame the character of Ammon to justify Ammon's future assassination just like they did with Lavoy Finnicum. https://youtu.be/pLIUDBrU9Cs 

And here is the assassination.


     Ammon’s trial for contempt was denied a jury trial as the judge chose to potentially sentence him to less than 6 months in jail when she goes through the usual kangaroo court motions for Holland & Hart(less). The trial starts on Monday, November 13th and Ammon will be in jail by the 15th for telling the documented truth and hurting the feelings of bureaucrats, government contractors and corporate socialists. Conveniently, Holland and Hart(less) have a court order to deny Ammon the ability to be in his own home on the 17th, so they can appraise the value and ensure that his family are sufficiently threatened in his absence. As there are many ways to evaluate a home without these tactics, the intent is to threaten and intimidate. Lisa will lose the home in that six months that Ammon is in jail. 

     To the law enforcement reading this, you have proven that you will gladly strip the peoples rights from us every time especially the first amendment, without exception, under some “disturbing the peace” or fake “trespass” or whatever court edict is handy. I know that many of you would like to be the Ruby Ridge sniper and drop Ammon in his tracks. You have shown us you would’ve marched Jews into the gas chamber because “it’s the law”. Consider who your masters are on the bench, who are largely appointed by corporate socialists. Those Holland & Hart(less) lawyers practice the same woke religion that wishes to defund law enforcement. Your masters will turn on you and betray you. Leave the dark side and stand with us please. 

British law enforcers killed 134 peaceful protesters when Ghandi sought for the Independence of India. Their blood was avenged without violence on the British during their peaceful fight for independence. Like Ghandi and Donald Trump, Ammon has challenged the establishment peacefully. 

     Many people think that Ammon’s lack of defense justifies this persecution, or that his logic and legal interpretations for his defense are flawed. But as we have seen with others, how can one defend oneself when the court or it’s enforcers do not follow their own laws? When one entity is on the side of power and the other party is not? Do we not expect justice to rise above petitions, and paperwork, and corrupted interpretations of when the Constitution applies? 

Ask yourself, would you want your friends and neighbors to peacefully stand with your family to prevent a St Luke's lapdog and uninformed gun-toters from entering your home with your family in it with the sole purpose of making them homeless? Will you risk harm from a uniformed puppet and assorted false prosecutions to protect your neighbor's family from this threat? Can the government be instructed by the people to just STOP in the name of justice? Be assured, these uniformed puppets and their socialist masters will not stop at Harvest Lane in Emmett. They are being given the power to continue to your home by the same means of lawfare, false charges and court edicts. Many of our most active members fled communism in the Eastern block. None of them can believe what they are seeing as the Idaho courts do the same things they previously witnessed. Https://www.peoplesrights.org/news_view?/miladahorakova-enemy-of-the-state-zavra-d-na-komunisty&id=daf02875-221a-4cf2-a019-29593cfe27ae

     We think that it is within the power of the attorney general, Raul Labrador, to end this contempt trial in Ada county. Please implore him to do so in person and by email. As per usual, Ammon has been vague (which is the smart thing) and has asked nothing for his physical defense. As we are seen as the mindless drones of Ammon Bundy, and incapable of acting without instruction, we ask you to trust in God and ask Him where you need to stand to protect justice in Idaho. At the Ada county court house on Monday morning? In Emmett? Move as the Lord instructs you to move, answer His call and instruction. Most importantly, pray for peace and that hardened hearts may be turned. Calling all courageous patriots, do your part. Foul language in this but it's great. 


In a very timely postscript Eric Stidham et al.

I'm waiting for a public apology and thank you from St. Luke's. People's Rights saved them 220 million dollars. The following article has nearly identical circumstances. State CPS laws did not protect the know it all do gooders of the Mayo clinic. Would you like to settle out of the corrupt courts now Eric Stidham? https://nypost.com/2023/11/09/news/jurors-find-hospital-guilty-of-all-charges-in-220-million-take-care-of-maya-case/ 

Given that you recently paid 13 million dollars in a malpractice suit, (with a non-disclosure agreement of course), You are currently experiencing layoffs, and everyone knows your the third best hospital in the valley. (One of the top two is West-vet) isn't it time to quit? 

(Credit to the Facebook commentor for the west vet line whoever you are

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