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The United States Constitution a series taught by Shane Krauser

What are these "rights" our founding fathers pledged their fortune, their lives, and their sacred honor to preserve?? Find out, Starting Thursday March 24th!

When you hear the phrase "your rights" what exactly does that mean? Have you ever wondered exactly what that Constitution ratified in 1788 means for you and your families?
Starting March 24, and going every Thursday for 4-6 weeks, I will be hosting a Zoom with the sole purpose of helping us all understand exactly what all the sections of the Constitution mean.
What are the rights that God had granted us and how is our government to protect them?
I found the perfect instructor to help us understand what every article and section means.
Shane Krauser is the director of the American Academy for Constitutional Education, a radio talk show host in Arizona, an adjunct professor of constitutional law, an NRA firearms instructor, and an experienced trial attorney. He is the author of ”Your Nation to Save” and is a widely sought-after speaker throughout the United States. He has spoken at political rallies and gatherings, guided expert panels with various political figures, appeared on TV and radio, inspired students in both public and private schools, and has written extensively on the Constitution. You will experience why many have called Shane the “best instructor of the Constitution in the country.” Shane has worked directly with members of U.S. Congress and advised on various pieces of legislation with an emphatic focus on constitutional adherence. He has worked hard to make his way into the public schools and, since 2001, has been brought into scores of public schools to teach about the Constitution, freedom, and the proper parameters of government. Shane has focused on educating America about how to derail our runaway government and put the freedom train back where it belongs.
We are asking people to sign up for the class by texting me your email so I can send you the zoom link. Text 254-371-2203 or send a PM. Class is at 7 PM Central Time.
If you would like a copy of the Constitution and any other class materials you can also text me your address. Or you may simply print a copy of the constitution off the internet.
I have plenty of copies available, and we welcome a large number of people at the class. We are asking for registration so I can make sure my zoom account will accommodate as many as want to join.

Please keep an eye on your email for the zoom invitation, which will come a few days before the event. Text messages do not contain the link, only the meeting number and password..
You are welcome to share the news of this class with family and friends... it is great for any American and especially home schooling families. Just ask them to register, and you are free to share that phone number for them to respond to.

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