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Benton/Franklin county area meeting

Area meeting 11-9-2023 Guest Speaker sharing her situation. Her story can be found at https://pplsrghts.org/d7dff0a5-3dd8-40a9-891d-3fbc94e840a7

Event Nov 5, 2023
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Area 5 meeting

Thursday 11-9-2023
 6:30 PM


4100 Rd 100

Pasco WA 99301

There is a play area for children to enjoy, so bring the whole family. Please remember that we have been graciously allowed to use this facility and instruct your children to respect the facility and leave it as clean or cleaner than it was found.



Opening prayer

6:35 Opening remarks

6:45 Comments and questions

7:00  Guest speaker Silvia Zarate

               Her story can be found at https://pplsrghts.org/d7dff0a5-3dd8-40a9-891d-3fbc94e840a7   

7:30 Liberty First University           

8:30 Closing prayer


Bring a neighbor or friend who can benefit.


We will plan to have the building open at 6 PM to allow for visiting before we start. Come early if you want to visit, so we can stay on track with our timeline and not run too late.

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