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"The Constitution Is the Solution"

Come learn important facts and aspects about the Constitution

Fellow Americans, we are happy to announce that we will be hosting a “The Constitution is the Solution” workshop provided by the John Birch Society at our office in the coming weeks. As we have seen recently, government at all levels has taken on itself privileges that are not granted to it in the Constitution. It’s a good time to review the way our system of government was originally designed to work and learn about our rights. The following are the planned dates. All will be held at the Arthur Engineering office in Sylvania, GA, located at 1006 Millen Hwy, Sylvania, GA 30467. All will begin at 7 pm and we will provide refreshments.

Thurs, 5 Nov 20: The Dangers of Democracy

Thurs, 12 Nov 20: Enumerated vs. Unlimited Powers

Thurs, 19 Nov 20: Constitutional Economics, Constitutional Money

Thurs 3 Dec 20: Constitutional war powers and the Enemy Within

Thurs 10 Dec 20: Exposing the Enemies of Freedom

Thurs 17 Dec 20: Restoring the Constitution, Taking Effective Action. We are the John Birch Society

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