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Another Baby Kidnapping by CPS in Colorado City, AZ

Right on our border with Arizona CPS unlawfully takes 5 children from their mother.


Michelle has Requested that everybody back off the calls because they have scared her to death and they said that she will never see her children again if people keep calling.  That is CPS for you...

Original Story:

Last night on March 30, 2022 CPS with police officers came to Michelle Black’s home in Colorado City Arizona and kidnapped her five children and her 1 month old baby “Abby”!!!  We need Your Help and prayers. 

CPS has been forcing her to get  state birth certificates and SS’s and now they came and kidnapped them as if they owned them. 

Please call case worker “Alisha” (928) 640-3246. “Rachel Williams “ (928) 310-6754. “Candice Babb” (928) 640-3246   ASAP and demand the children be given back to their mother immediately.  They do not belong to the state!!

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